LIQUID COURAGE LIMITED would like to extend additional benefits to their loyal customers by introducing the invitation only LIQUID COURAGE LIMITED Loyalty Program.  We will be offering loyalty points earned based on your purchases of select items.  These points can be redeemed on future purchases for merchandise.  Loyalty points do not expire.


A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS:  Since our loyalty points are the equivalent of cash, we require a valid email address for each customer so that they can immediately receive notification of activity on their account.  This is designed to provide you:

  • Documentation of the transaction and possibly loyalty point redemptions,
  • Immediate loyalty point status,
  • Monthly account statements (if applicable),
  • To be a safeguard against unauthorized use of your loyalty points,
  • To provide you information on sales, new products, and other communications.



Eligibility:  All Customers, Retail and Trade, who will provide us their proper contact information and a valid email address.

  • All points earned are rounded to the nearest dollar, up or down.  Net items and delivery charges are excluded from the program.
  • A 10% credit on purchases of all Liquid Courage brands, excluding locally supplied brands.  Ask your Liquid Courage representative which brands apply.


  • We must have complete application filled out including but not limited to personal information, financial information, business license information and a valid email address on file.
  • The Finance Department sets the criteria for qualifying customers. 


  • Loyalty Program customers must show proper identification to earn and redeem points.
  • The Finance Department is responsible for all redemptions of Loyalty Points and is the final say in redemptions.
  • Loyalty Points earned for purchases are not available until the next business day.
  • Loyalty Points, at the customer’s discretion, can be credited to outstanding account balances at the end of each month. 
  • Loyalty Points will be automatically credited to any outstanding account balances at the end of each fiscal year.
  • One Loyalty Point redemption shall be allowed per transaction.
  • Loyalty Points can only be redeemed in $1 per point increments. 
  • Individuals or companies with delinquent accounts can be enrolled in the Loyalty Program BUT all points earned shall be used to retire the delinquent account.
  • Merchandise returns reduce your loyalty point balance proportionally.
  • Loyalty Points cannot be earned on the portion of purchases paid using redeemed Loyalty Points.  We will reduce the Loyalty Points a customer earns for a purchase proportionally if the customer redeems points to pay for part or all of the ticket.  For example, a customer purchases $1000 worth of wine (normally earning $100 of Loyalty Points at 10%) but redeems $100 Loyalty Points to pay; they will be credited with a $900 purchase.
  • All decisions regarding the redemption of Loyalty Points are the sole discretion of the Finance Department and are final.


If you receive a receipt of an unauthorized transaction via email, notify LIQUID COURAGE LIMITED within 48 hours and we will attempt to identify the culprit by pulling the video surveillance.