Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you call the business "Liquid Courage"?

The Urban Dictionary defines "liquid courage" as "the title of any alcoholic beverage that enables you to approach and conversate with people more freely."  (This is the cleanest definition by far, check out the rest at your own risk.)  It seemed to fit nicely.

What are you trying to do?

Introduce new products to the Bahamas customers and offer a selection of quality brands that may not be well known here (now).  In short, to give Bahamians more CHOICES!

Can I redeem loyalty reward points online?

No, the system does not currently support payments online for rewards points.  You need to come into the store to redeem. 


Do you ship to the United States?




Why did you open the Liquid Courage Gallery?


Wine and art go together.  We want to support the creative arts and what better place to do it than here in Palmdale at our main store?