Ron Abuelo Centuria Reserve De La Familia

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Ron Abuelo Centuria Reserve De La Familia (750ml)
Centuria, from the Latin 'centum' meaning one hundred, is the name we have chosen for this unique product, as we celebrate acentury of rum-making tradition. Its complex aroma and flavor comes from a blend of the finest rums from our oldest reserves, aged in white oak barrels for up to 30 years. These select rums then become part of our 'Reserva de la Familia'.The art of the traditional 'solera' system lets us preserve the character of these precious reserves throughout time, and to offer limited quantities of a product which epitomizes our commitment and passion to producing the best aged rum.40% vol.Long finish, sweet and oaky.Complex and buttery notes, full oak wood.Very full body, very round.
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