Casa Vittorino Prosecco DOCG 750ml

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Casa Vittorino Prosecco DOCG 750ml (6 per Case)
Casa Vittorino Prosecco DOCG 750ml (750ml)
PRODUCTION AREAAt the Astoria farm on hills at about 150 m. on sea level.Vineyards: east-west facing vineyards with about 4000 stocks each hectare; 16-years-old vines.Average production: 3/4 Kg each stock, equivalent to 110/120 quintals each hectare.Grape variety: Glera.For this Cuvée only the best bunches are chosen and hand-picked in baskets in September, when they are ripe;afterwards, the grapes are derasped and fermented at 8/10C for a few hours (cryosoaking) directly in the pressin environment without oxygen. Then the soft pressing and the static decantation of the must take place. Its primary fermentation happens in steel containers with 16C with selected native yeasts. The new wine, deprived of the grossest dregs, is kept with sugary rests and left onyeasts for 2/3 weeks; after having made it clear, it is poured in an autoclave where the foaming takes place at 16/18C, a process that lasts approximately 30 days.After that it undergoes another refining on the yeasts for a few weeks. The bottling and the resting in the bottle for at least 1-2 months conclude the cycle.ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICSPerlage: fine, elegant and persistent.Colour: pale straw yellow with greenish reflections.Bouquet: intense, clean-cut, fruity, and typical of the vine variety.Taste: dry, full, savoury and harmonious.Alcohol content, % vol. 11.00 - 12.00SERVING TEMPERATURE 6 - 8 C and opened at the moment.
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