Astoria "Caranto" Pinot Noir I.G.T. Trevenezie

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Astoria "Caranto" Pinot Noir I.G.T. Trevenezie (750ml)
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Astoria "Caranto" Pinot Noir I.G.T. Trevenezie (6 per Case)
"CARANTO"PINOT NEROI.G.T. TREVENEZIE• PRODUCTION AREAGrown on the flat and hilly (at 150-200 m. above sealevel) areas of the North-Eastern regions of Italy.Vineyards: 4,000/5,500 grapevines per hectare(average age: 10 - 15 years). Average production:1.5/2 kg per grapevine (80/90 q. per hectare).Grape variety: Pinot Nero.Growing technique: Sylvoz.• TECHNOLOGYThe grapes are harvested by hand in September andare de-stemmed and crushed. The crushed grapesundergo fermentation /maceration, which lasts 5/6days at a temperature of 24/25 C; then the wineis drawn from the marc and undergoes alcoholicand malolactic fermentation. Then it is cleared andstabilised, and is allowed to age a couple of monthsafter bottling.• ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICSColour: ruby but not very dark.Bouquet: intense, pleasant, reminding of strawberryand raspberry.Taste: harmonic, savoury, with body withoutexcesses.• CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICSAlcohol content, % vol. 11.00 - 12.00Sugars, g/l 8.00 - 9.00Total acidity, g/l 4.50 - 5.50• SERVING TEMPERATURE12 - 14 C.
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